1. Microblading is 4 times more popular search than Botox in the USA right now.

What is more popular? Botox or Microblading as keywords searched on Internet. You would think Botox? Here is the news: according to Google Microblading was searched 673,000 times in July 2017, while Botox 368,000. Microblading is twice bigger! If we look at the USA numbers: 301,000 for Microblading and 74,000 for botox. Microblading is whopping 4 times bigger!


2. Micro blading, Microbladding and microblending are actually more popular search keywords in Google than permanent makeup!

Micro blading USA 22,200

Microbladding 22,200

Permanent makeup 22,200

Microblending 22,200

Micro blading 74,000 

Microbladding 74,000

Microblending 74,000

Permanent makeup USA 27,100

Global 40,500


3. Pigment’ is not pigment. It's ink.

This is very common mistakes the whole PMU/MB industry makes, calling the solution containing colorant as “pigments”. Pigment is a powder, tiny particles of a specific color or shade. It can be non-organic (usually iron oxides for red yellow and black, but can be other metal oxides - chrome, cobalt etc for other colors) and synthetic, or, to add confusion to those who are not familiar with basic chemistry, organic (has nothing to do with organic in a healthy sense of it, you cannot buy it at Whole Foods, lol!). But the correct name for the liquid you buy to insert into somebody’s skin is INK. 


4. Numbing actually helps with pigment retention.

Professionally done numbing not only helps with pain it also prevents bleeding. Bleeding can push pigment particles back to the skin surface. So numbing helps!


5. Botox can be done with Microblading at the same time. More details in this article.


6. Pigment size matters!

Microblading pigment particles stay in the skin in the process of phagocytosis.

If particles are too big (more than 1,000 nm) they will not stay. If too small (less than 50 nm they can migrate to the lymph nodes).


7.  Skin undertone is not that important.

What is more important is melanin in the skin, or, to be precise, the proportion of two types of melanin cells: eumelanin and pheomelanin. After healing and with time the pigment particles in the skin are covered by the melanin layer and the combination of those two melanin types and their intensity can cause hairstrokes color change (Tyndall effect). So no sun exposure to the brows!


8.  Color wheel to get to the right tone is very misleading.


The mistake started more than two centuries ago and it's inherited by most of Microblading and permanent make up teachings. The problem is that there are no pure red or yellow or black pigments. They simply do not exist. The existing ones always have a sub tones. So if you mix red with yellow,sub tone with yellow with the red sub tone you will receive orange. But if one or both pigments have blue or green secondary tone the color will be muddy, not orange. So there is actually little value in using color wheel so popular with Microblading community.


If still not convinced, I highly recommend this book:

Blue and Yellow don't make Green

By Michael Wilcox


9. Optical Illusion

Understanding of the role of optical illusions is more important than the role the color wheels.

When the experienced artist choose the correct color tone, he or she must not pay that much attention to skin undertone (whether it's cold or warm), but rather to the natural eyebrow hair tone and its relation to the skin, head hair and patients make up preferences. The same color can look different in different “entourage”!! Look at the picture below. What is the difference in tone between upper and lower “cushions”?

Now use your finger to cover the middle horizontal line.

In fact both cushions are of exact the same color and shade! But the background makes it looks different.

Below are examples of how the background impacts the appearance of the brown color. First look at squares A and B.

They are of the same color. But let's put a drop of brown  on them. Note it's the same color.


Not only the squares appear different, they "change" the brown color too.  The same exact thing happens to the hair strokes on the clients face! 



10. Do you know the term occlusive wound healing?

“Suffocating” the wound with vaseline, creams, oils and even bee’s wax is bad. Oxygen is important not only for healing. Since it is essential for macrophages and fibroblasts to get oxygen to act efficiently, it is important for pigment retention in the skin. So no Vaseline or wax!

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